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Resolving Insurance Coverage Disputes

With Our Special Needs Attorneys in Pasadena

Oftentimes, when a claimant is applying for insurance, their insurance provider will deny them benefits for invalid or irrational reasons. At Lee, Green, Stewart & Paul Attorneys at Law, we strongly protect our clients and help them get the insurance benefits they are owed. Contact our special needs attorneys in Pasadena today at (626) 325-0770 to schedule a case evaluation. We can help you get the financial resources you need and deserve.

What is an Insurance Coverage Dispute?

Insurance coverage disputes center on whether or not your insurance company is obligated to cover specific procedures or services as a part of your or your employer’s insurance policy. Since the passage of SB 946, claims for some autism treatments have been wrongfully denied by insurance companies. If you believe that your insurance company is improperly denying you or your child coverage, you should contact an attorney regarding your rights.

What Types of Disputes May Arise with My Insurance Company?

Some common complaints revolve around:

  • What types of treatment are needed
  • The amount of treatment needed
  • The continuation of treatments
  • The coverage of the treatment or the necessity of treatments.

Are there Any Differences Between HMO & PPO Coverage Disputes?

The differences between HMOs and PPOs are usually only in whether you can see a provider that is in-network. Due to the fact-specific nature of insurance disputes, you should review any potential claims in coverage disputes with your attorney in order to see whether or not any denial of coverage is appropriate.

What Are the Steps in an Insurance Coverage Dispute?

There are different procedures regarding insurance coverage but, generally, you have a right to appeal any denial, delay, or change to your services.

You have a right to a medical review, free of charge. You can also file an appeal yourself or with an attorney or another third party.

If you believe that you should be covered by insurance but your company disagrees with you, you should contact a special needs attorney in Pasadena to see if you may have a claim against your insurance company.

To schedule your case evaluation with our special needs lawyer in Pasadena, please reach out to us today at (626) 325-0770.

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