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Fair Hearings for Special Needs

Handled By Our Special Needs Attorneys in Pasadena

At Lee, Green, Stewart & Paul Attorneys at Law, our attorneys are highly skilled and experienced in handling fair hearings. We can strongly represent you in and out of court and help you get the results you need. Contact us today at (626) 325-0770 to schedule a case evaluation with our special needs lawyers in Pasadena.

What is a Fair Hearing?

You may pursue an administrative fair hearing before a hearing officer if you are not happy with the results of your informal meeting and mediation with the Regional Center. If you prevail at your fair hearing, the hearing officer will order the regional center to provide the services and supports your child needs.

Why Are California’s Regional Centers Giving Me Such a Hard Time?

When there is a state budget shortfall, it often cuts the budget of Regional Centers, resulting in reduced critical services and support for children across the board.

Is a Fair Hearing Similar to Mediation?

A fair hearing is much more formal and takes place in front of a hearing officer. There are also rules of evidence and procedural rules that you will need to follow at a fair hearing that are not a part of mediation.

Who Can Accompany Me to the Fair Hearing?

You have the right to have your attorney accompany you to the fair hearing and to present your case before the hearing officer.

What Kind of Evidence Can I Take with Me to My Fair Hearing?

Generally speaking, documentary and testimonial evidence can be presented at a fair hearing but there are rules regarding the production and admission of evidence.

Are the Results of a Fair Hearing Final?

You may have a right to appeal the results of the fair hearing to Superior Court if you are unhappy with the results. However, there are strict time constraints and you should consult an attorney if you wish to appeal immediately.

If you disagree with the school’s assessment of your child’s needs, you have the right to appeal the district’s decision by requesting an impartial hearing. Empowered parents can be a child’s best possible advocates. If needed, we can accompany you to Committee on Special Education meetings, represent you in disciplinary and impartial hearings, or file a State Education Complaint on your behalf to ensure that your child receives appropriate educational services.

To schedule your consultation with our special needs attorneys in Pasadena, please reach out to us today at (626) 325-0770.

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